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74-year-old Ethiopian Israeli murdered in May deserves justice, protestors say

CM 05/10/2021

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Some 250 people demonstrated outside of the government meeting in Jerusalem on Tuesday demanding that Prime Minister Naftali Bennett involve the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) in the investigation of the murder of 74-year-old Destao Bisset in Ramle in May.
Destao was run over by an electric bicycle shortly after a ceasefire was reached between Israel and Hamas during Operation Guardian of the Walls, leading investigators to believe that the incident may have been nationalistically motivated.
He died ten days later.

A number of people were arrested since the incident, but all of them were eventually released. 
“We just saw recently how the police knows how to catch the prisoners who escaped from Gilboa Prison, but when it comes to someone killed in the center of a city, on a road networked with cameras, they cannot,” Destao’s son-in-law Moshe Shata told Ynet News at the demonstration. 
“The murderers were not caught for four months. If the victim was someone else, they they would have known [how] to use their full powers, including the IDF,” he said. 
“But when talking about a victim from the Ethiopian community, it seems that they thing they cam drag their feet. Destao was murdered and no one cares,” he said.
The police responded to Ynet’s query, “The Israel Police is continuing its investigative efforts to determine the circumstances of the incident and will do all it can in order to arrive at the truth. The family is in constant contact with police investigators and the regional command in order to receive updates.” 

Source: Jerusalem Post

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